S-18-P2X: Multi-Chamber Pet Cremation System

Get big flexibility without the big investment with the industry’s only expandable multi-chamber pet system. Get ready to meet the growing demand for private pet cremations and grow as your business grows.

  • Expansion-ready control panel, pre-wired for your growing business.
  • Automatically adjusts for any combination up to six total chambers
  • Durable, proven cold-hearth design for faster pre-heat and less heat exposure for your operators
  • Modular design lets you keep working while any chamber is offline for maintenance.
  • Optional hydraulic doors open and close with just a touch

2-Chamber Core System

Speed:  150lbs/68.03kg per hour (75 x 2)
Safe load:  300lbs/136.07kg (150 x 2)
Length:  12' 11" (3.93m)
Width:  6' 3" (1.90m)
Height:  10' 6" (3.20m)
Weight: 19,000 lbs/8618.25 kg

Each Additional Add-On Chamber

Speed: 75lbs/68.03kg per hour 
Safe load:  150lbs/136.07kg 
Length:  4' 2" (1.27m)
Width:  6' 3" (1.90m)
Height:  7' 10" (2.03m)
Weight: 5,000 lbs/2267.96 kg

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