ECP-200: Electric Cremains Processor

Fast. Efficient. Quiet.

  • Quiet and dust-proof
  • Fully automatic
  • Integrated limit switch prevents operation if the lid is not in place.
  • Two swivel blades pulverize more efficiently and avoid jamming
  • Dependable and long-lasting operation
  • Sealed bearings keep the machine running smoothly 
  • One year warranty
Consistent Processing In Less Than 30 Seconds

Matthews ECP-200 is the most advanced processor on the market, with a processing time averaging 30 seconds. It’s the perfect accessory to any crematory.

Processed Remains Quality

The ECP-200 reduces cremated remains to a fine sand-like consistency, after just 30 seconds of processing.

Optional VPS-1

The Ventless Processing Station is the perfect complement to the ECP-200. The VPS-1 allows crematories to process cremated remains efficiently, by recovering dust when transferring remains.

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