Multi-Chamber Pet Cremation System

  • 250 lbs. (113 kg) Per Hour Cremation Rate
  • 1000 lbs. (90 kg) Safe Load Capacity
  • Individual or Communal Load Operation
  • Fully-automatic touch-screen control panel

The IEB-32 is a high-production system that is well suited for volumes (3,500-5,500 pets per year) of segregated and communal cremations. 

  • Operating Controls – Our Touch-Screen Panel, PLC-based controls simplify and completely automates the operation of the cremator for your equipment operator.
  • Operator Safety - Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) Listed represents the most widely recognized measure of safety and compliance, ensuring the safety of personnel and facilities.
  • SMOKE-BUSTER™ 85 - This feature effectively consumes and destroys smoke and odor from the cremation process.
  • Quiet Operation - Exclusive "Whisper Shield" allows operation without disturbing other services.
  • Retrieval System - Retrieval of cremated remains is safe and quick with the convenient external collection hopper.
  • Cremation Chamber Floor - Unique "Hot Hearth" design eliminates fluid runoff and minimizes fuel consumption.
  • Stainless Steel Stack - Non-Corrosive, with 3” refractory lining for strength, durability, and safety.
  • Insulating Thickness - 12" of multi-component materials for longest lasting refractory and highest thermal efficiency.
  • Loading Door - Self-locking, self-sealing door opens and closes at the push of a button.
  • Speed:  250lbs/113kg per hour
  • Safe load:  1000lbs/453kg
  • Fuel type:  Natural or LP Gas
  • Electrical:  230 volts, 1-Phase or 3-Phase
  • Length:  17' 6.5" (5.32m)
  • Width:  6' 11" (1.96m)
  • Height:  8' 4" (2.54m)
  • Weight: 38,000 lbs/17,237 kg

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