Advanced, High-Production Cremation System
  • 625 lbs. (283 kg) Per Hour Cremation Rate
  • 7500 lbs. (3401 kg) Safe Load Capacity
  • Individual or Communal Load Operation
  • Fully-automatic touch-screen control panel

 The IEB-100 is the ultimate high-production cremator that was created for high volumes (11,000-15,000 pets per year) of segregated, communal or individual cremation of large animals.

  •  Flexible Operation- The primary chamber can be accessed intermittently providing your business with optimum flexibility. This feature allows you to perform cremations in a variety of ways (individual, segregated, and communal) letting you select the best operating mode to meet the needs of your business. 
  • Operator Safety- Entire cremator is UL listed and CSA approved for the safety of crematory facilities and personnel.
  • SMOKE-BUSTER™ 283- Unique interval architecture and oversized chamber volume ensure complete combustion of smoke and odor. 
  • Hot Hearth Design- Our hot hearth floor is very durable and resistant to abrasion, and its unique design eliminates fluid runoff and provides for faster cremations and minimal fuel consumption
  • Speed:  400lbs/2181kg per hour

  • Safe load:  3000lbs/18141360kg

  • Secondary volume:  74ft3/ 2.1 m3

  • Fuel type:  Natural or LP Gas

  • Electrical:  220 volts, 1-Phase or 3-Phase

  • Length:  16’ 8" (5.08m)

  • Width:  8’ 11.5" (2.73m)

  • Height:  9’  11.5" (3.03m)

  • Weight:  54,000 lbs/24494kg

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