Case Study: Saving Landfill Space and Transport Costs


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) – the agency charged with administering the sacred mosque in the city of Makkah and the activities that take place there.


The Hajj — an important pilgrimage to Makkah for Muslims everywhere — produces roughly 10,000 tons of animal waste over the five day festival. Historically, this waste has been landfilled, but MOMRA contracted Matthews Environmental Solutions to provide an incineration solution, aiming to save on both landfill space and transport costs while protecting the local environment.


Matthews designed, built, and installed a 24-hour gas-fired rotary incineration plant capable of processing 5,000 kg/hr of animal waste.

This incineration solution steadily and efficiently burns through the pilgrimage’s waste material. The energy recovery system ferried 5.9MW of waste heat to the industrial boilers. The process reduces the mass of the waste by 95-96% and leaves a white, calcined ash with less than 3% carbon.

Finally, the flue gas abatement filtration and continuous emission monitoring systems ensure that the incinerator met all relevant environmental exhaust standards, including full compliance with the stringent European Waste Incineration Directive, preserving the health and comfort of locals and pilgrims alike.


£30 Million


  • 2 custom-designed rotary primary
  • combustion chambers operating at 2500kg/hr
  • Diesel fired Ignition Burner
  • Automated Combustion Air System
  • Secondary Chamber
  • Diesel fired Ignition Burner
  • Automatic Ash transfer Conveyors
  • Emergency Bypass Systems
  • Hot gas Transfer Ducts
  • Array of fan cooled heat dumps
  • Cool Gas Transfer Ducts
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Storage and Delivery
  • Systems
  • Flue gas Abatement Filtration Plants
  • Set of hot gas transfer duct
  • Compressed Air System
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Remotely monitored control systems
  • Exhaust chimneys
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission testing