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General waste can incorporate a wide range of materials ranging from highly combustible trash to high-moisture garbage. Due to the variety of waste compositions, the disposal of general waste can be very challenging.

For years, landfills were the go-to for general waste disposal because of the variety of waste materials. However, in recent years, more awareness has been given to the world's current landfill crisis. Due to dwindling available land and the increased emissions coming from landfills, incineration is becoming the most efficient method of waste disposal.


Incineration has become the preferred solution for the total destruction of general and municipal waste, reducing the environmental impact while keeping up with the demand of multiple waste streams.

Additional benefits of waste incineration extend to safety and security.    Incineration removes the potential for hazardous waste to back up when municipal waste disposal systems are not immediately available. Eliminating waste backup and controlling the waste disposal process also reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of disease.

Creating a private waste incineration plan allows you to become self-reliant from government or municipal waste disposal entities while also saving the added cost of third-party waste disposal or landfill fees.

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Beyond eliminating the added cost of outsourcing disposal, general waste incineration can also be converted into usable energy to help power your plant or other aspects of your facility. Energy recovery provides cost savings for your business and helps maintain environmentally friendly practices.


Matthews Environmental is a global leader within the combustion and incineration industry with manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Our equipment has become the brand of choice for the World Health Organization.

Matthews offers a wide range of incinerators designed to safely and efficiently handle the disposal of general waste on either a batch or continuous basis while adhering to the most rigorous environmental standards.