Surefire Incinerators

The Surefire® range of waste incinerators is the undisputed number one option for the destruction and treatment of a wide and varied range of materials that include: medical and clinical waste, food and agricultural waste, industrial waste, general and municipal waste, animal remains, oils, liquids and sludges … in fact just about any material that can be safely combusted.

Surefire® waste incinerators are now operating throughout all parts of the world from the protected environmentally precious snowfields of Antarctica to sites of every description across every continent where our principal markets cover medical waste disposal, oil & gas ‘work camp’ wastes, municipality and industrial wastes and biomass generators.

Individually designed and engineered to suit every requirement, Surefire® incinerators can be specified to meet just about any requirement with fixed and hot hearth incinerators for intermittent daily use to high-spec rotary incinerators where there is a need for 24-hour continuous operation.

Made to match the most stringent regulations

All Surefire® incinerators are designed, manufactured and certified to comply with the very latest global environmental and safety standards.

  • EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU
  • EU Waste Incineration Directive (WID) 2000/76/EC
  • US Environmental Protection Act (EPA)
  • UK Secretary of State Guidance Notes PG5/3 (12)
  • EU Animal By-Products Regulation 1069/2009
Designed to protect the environment

All Surefire® incinerators can be fitted with the latest and most advanced flue gas abatement systems to ensure the effective removal of harmful nitrogen oxide and acid gas neutralisation as well as heavy metal adsorption and particulate filtration technology.

All the features you require

No two Surefire® incinerators are ever quite the same because even though each one may start off as a standard model, customers almost invariably take advantage of our unrivalled history in bespoke design, our unsurpassed experience and our outstanding range of options available to customise their plant. Optional features include:

  • Automatic loading
  • Waste heat recovery to convert the heat energy of the flue gases into steam, hot water or hot air for space heating and production processes
  • Waste heat recovery can also be deployed to generate electricity for on-site use or for sale to a third party via Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) equipment