Allburn Incinerators

The allburn ® range of industrial waste incinerators was developed as a direct result of customers informing us that although they ideally wanted the internationally acclaimed quality and reliability of our British-built Surefire ® incinerators they simply did not have the necessary budget.

Our response was to exploit our unique industry experience, our outstanding design expertise and our unrivalled engineering abilities to create a range of high-specification industrial waste incinerators that had the added benefit of an attractive and ultra-competitive budget-level price tag.

Yet despite significantly reducing the cost we have in no way compromised on engineering or performance.

A choice of models

allburn ® waste incinerators are available in three different capacities to satisfy a wide range of requirements across a broad spread of industries. allburn ® incinerators are particularly suited for:

  • Remote communities
  • Man camps
  • Workshops
  • Farms
  • Military
  • Hospitals

Standard features include:

  • Counterbalanced, large profile vertical loading door that offers simple, unobstructed loading of a wide range of waste materials.
  • Large raking door and ash collection tray allow for efficient removal and collection of ash.
  • Allburn® waste incinerators can be located either outdoors or indoors providing that sensible precautionary safety measures are enforced and that the unit is positioned at least 300mm from walls and 1000mm from windows and vents.

Every allburn ® model is also available as a self-contained unit that is factory-installed into a standard ISO shipping container. In addition to the incinerator itself, the package also includes: fuel tank, electrical generator, chimney and built-in power points so that it is fully operational and ready for immediate start-up as soon as it is delivered on site.

Optional specifications include:

  • Secondary combustion zone
  • Wet scrubber
  • Mobile facility – can be mounted on trailer, container or skids
  • Fuel storage/delivery system
  • Electrical generator
  • One year’s spares package