If you are just starting out in the cremation business, then you've picked the right place.  Matthews equipment consultants have worked with every kind of business from entrepreneurs opening their first crematories all the way to international corporations with operations all over the globe. Our systems have been chosen by thousands of business owners like you.

Match the Design to the Market

Once you've chosen the community you want to serve, our team can help you design your crematory to match.  The best place to start is by discussing a few questions:

  • Will you be providing services directly to families, working through area funeral homes, or both?
  • Will you be offering witness cremation services with families present?
  • How many monthly or annual cremations do you anticipate to start out?
  • How do you see your business growing over the next 3-5 years?
  • Do you want to consider expansion into pet cremation as well as human services?

Plan for Growth

In surveys with crematory owners, the number one regret they express is not allowing enough capacity for growth.  As cremation rates continue to rise worldwide, cremation businesses need room to grow in every part of the operation.  One way to do this is by installing a cremator with enough capacity to handle that growth.  Another approach is to design your facility so it will be easy to add a second cremator - leaving room for that new machine as well as a simple way to get it into the building.

 Another key feature to plan is refrigerated storage.  Depending on the time to process cremation permits or other legal requirements in your community, you may need storage for 5-10 days of cremation cases.   If you will be providing "trade" cremation services to other businesses you may want even more.  Having enough cooler space is critical to making your operation run smoothly and efficiently.


Engineering Drawing of a Crematory

Conserve Capital

We know it takes a lot of capital to start a new business.  That's why we have worked with lenders and other partners on ways to stretch your capital as you are starting out.  Matthews cremation systems are an excellent investment with a very long service life - it's not unusual to see a Matthews cremator that is 20 or even 30 years old and still hard at work.  It is usually a simple process to finance your cremator purchase with one of our lending partners to reduce your up-front investment and conserve your capital for operations.  You may also be able to roll your equipment purchase into the financing for your overall facility and leverage your capital even more.  We can help connect you with financing specialists to make the most of your opportunities.

Your Trusted Partner

Whatever your business needs, the Matthews equipment team can help.  We have worked with all kinds of cremation businesses and know more ways to help your new venture succeed.  The best way to get started is a no-obligation conversation with your Matthews representative.  You can reach out by phone or email, or just share your contact information in the form on this page.  We are always ready to help.