SF-100 Incinerator


Efficient & Productive

  • Heavy steel shell with 1600°C refractory and high-efficiency calcium silicate insulation
  • Full-size interlocked load/ash door
  • High-grade refractory lined chimney provides years of maintenance-free operation
  • Pressured combustion air penetrates the waste and causes turbulence in the gas stream to ensure efficient destruction of emissions
The Matthews Surefire Range of fixed hearth incinerators are world-renowned for offering an efficient and environmentally clean solution to the problems associated with the disposal of a variety of waste types. The horizontal cylindrical design offers the strongest possible refractory construction offering years of maintenance-free operation.

• Automatic loading
• Mobile - Skid mounted or containerized
• Secondary chamber
• Fuel storage and delivery system
• Energy recovery
• Electrical generator
• Wet scrubber
• Waste oil injection
  • Chamber Volume:  2.0 m³
  • Chamber Diameter: 13' 11" (4.25m)
  • Height: 9' 9" (2.98m)
  • Overall Width: 7' 1" (2.17m)
  • Overall Length: 7' 5" (2.27m)
  • Weight: 13,227 lb. (6,000 kg)
  • Fuel: Natural or L.P. Gas 
  • Electrical: 230 Volts, 1-phase/3-phase

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