In the past, general farm waste from fallen livestock to soiled bedding was either buried, burned on open fires, or added to the ever-increasing landfill problem. Fortunately, with the onset of rigorous international environmental regulations and a greater awareness of the dangers of random disposal methods, the efficient technical incineration of organic waste is rapidly becoming the only acceptable solution.

Waste incineration produces fewer emissions than traditional landfills or open burning while maintaining the integrity of the soil, making it the most efficient solution for agricultural waste disposal.


The added cost of waste disposal, including the high price tag of large animal rendering, is causing many waste producers to move to private incineration. The cost savings extend beyond eliminating the added cost of outsourcing disposal. Waste incineration can also be converted into usable energy to help power your plant or other aspects of your facility. Energy recovery provides cost savings for your business and helps maintain environmentally friendly practices.

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Matthews Environmental is a global leader within the combustion and incineration industry with manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Our equipment has become the brand of choice for the World Health Organization.

Matthews offers a wide range of incinerators designed to safely and efficiently handle the disposal of waste oils and sludges on either a batch or continuous basis while adhering to the most rigorous environmental standards.