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We are the chosen brand of the World Health Organization.

Our incinerators have become the brand of choice for the World Health Organization.

Thanks to our global reputation for engineering excellence and technology innovation, Matthews waste incinerators have become the brand of choice for many of the largest and most demanding industries and organisations in the world.

As an example, a short while ago Matthews Environmental Solutions was contacted by the Malaysian Division of the World Health Organisation (WHO) whose primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nation’s system. Much of the Organisation’s work is quite naturally centred within poorer, less-developed countries and a major element of the invaluable work that they offer is to provide technical support, including tools and resources.


When they were looking to source medical waste incineration equipment for a remote island in the Indian Ocean WHO had no hesitation in contacting Matthews. Because of the remoteness of the location and the lack of facilities the medical waste incineration equipment they were looking for had to be not only exceptionally designed and superbly engineered to ensure total reliability under the most testing conditions, but of course it also had to comply with all the latest international medical waste incineration regulations.

After studying specifications and incinerator options and after speaking to other users, the model selected was the Surefire TS60 fixed hearth incinerator, which is a rugged, robust and reliable incinerator that has been internationally proven in the most demanding locations and under the harshest conditions across all areas of the world.

This incinerator is extremely dependable in operation and we designed and built the unit specified by WHO for operation on the remote Malaysian island to run on an external diesel power source, although we could, if required, have incorporated a built-in generator.  Residue from each incineration consists of harmless ash, which is environmentally safe for ecological disposal.

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