Tackling the World's Growing Landfill Crisis

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Landfill has become a major problem, not just here in the UK, but all around the world. In industrialised nations especially, it is calculated that with suitable space becoming more and more at a premium, the time is rapidly approaching when landfill becomes, quite simply, no longer an option. Even in emerging countries the advance in more enlightened environmentally responsible policies has seen a vast reduction in the practice of simply burying waste. There has to be an alternative.

The problem of course is not just space. A frightening catalogue of environmental problems caused by landfill includes methane gas produced by rotting organic matter. This is a gas, incidentally, that is 20-times worse than carbon dioxide in trapping in heat from the sun and as such it is a critical contributor to environmental change and global warming. Methane also presents a serious fire risk, while the burying of household and industrial chemicals may produce a cocktail of toxic gases that can considerably impact the quality of air and the welfare of wildlife in the area.

The one solution that most authorities agree on is that the only sustainable alternative to landfill is incineration and as leading incinerator manufacturers, Matthews Environmental Solutions waste incinerators are the ideal solution to replace the outdated and hazardous practice of simply dumping or burying unwanted material.

Matthews waste incinerators incorporate the very latest and most advanced technology so that not only can solid matter be destroyed in an environmentally sensitive way, but they can also be designed to treat fluids and gases that may otherwise become a considerable ecological threat.

Only recently, for example, one of the company’s incinerators was installed at the South Pole for the British Antarctic Survey Team in a region that is acknowledged to be one of the most unpolluted and protected in the world.

With an ever-increasing demand for waste incinerators the Matthews Environmental range now includes models capable of handling the most demanding domestic and commercial waste disposal, medical waste disposal, oil and gas ‘work camps’, hazardous waste and industrial waste.

As one of the world’s most progressive incinerator manufacturers, all Matthews equipment is designed to meet the most stringent of global environmental standards and every model complies with the latest and most rigorous regulations – fitted, where required, with flue gas abatement comprising of an acid gas neutralisation, heavy metal adsorption and particulate filtration plant. Emissions from these incinerator plants are amongst the purest possible.

As market leading incinerator manufacturers Matthews Environmental is proud of its contribution to the problem of international waste disposal as well as playing its part in the elimination of landfill threats.