Matthews Environmental Solutions Introduces MPYRE® 3
Advanced Cremation Control System

At the 2024 ICCFA Convention, Matthews Environmental Solutions proudly revealed its latest innovation: the MPYRE® 3 Advanced Cremation Control System. This groundbreaking technology simplifies the customer experience by offering an intuitive Cremation Tracker home screen. Operators can access essential information while the advanced environmental logic seamlessly manages the cremation process in the background. With MPYRE® 3, cremator management becomes effortless, allowing operators to focus on other aspects of their business.

Key Features of MPYRE® 3:

Schedule Management: Operators can track their workload and manage te cremation schedule efficiently.

Mobile Control app: MPYRE® 3 provides an app that lets operators manage workload, monitor progress and even preheat the cremator from a smartphone or tablet.

Remote Monitoring and Preheating: Operators can manage, monitor and even preheat cremators remotely.

Operating Modes: Choose from three modes—Eco, Production, and Simplicity—to match your business priorities for the day.

Fleet Management: for firms that operate multiple crematories, MPYRE® 3 lets you monitor them as a group, and drill down into individual machines to view progress, problems or workload.

During the convention, attendees had the opportunity to interact with an actual cremator control system at our Apopka, FL plant. They performed simulated cremations using the MPYRE system, getting a hands-on feel for its user-friendly design.