Carbon Bed Filtration


Activated carbons, thanks to their high porosity, act as a natural barrier within the filtration system, consistently enhancing the absorption of pollutants generated during the combustion phase.

The activated carbons used by GEM have the unique feature of being "reusable" through proper regeneration cycles. This activity is facilitated by specialized companies, which provide a service for collecting "spent" carbons from the client, transporting them to their facilities, and regenerating them to restore efficiency. The regeneration cycle effectively eliminates the waste substance constituted by the pollutants absorbed by the filtering medium, facilitating the crematorium operator in waste disposal.

The filtration system with an activated carbon bed, positioned downstream of the sleeve filter, ensures a controlled passage of fumes through this filtration phase. The company designs the layers of the bed to properly regulate the contact times with the air, ensuring targeted and effective filtration.

The activated carbon bed is particularly suitable for the reduction of the following pollutants: organic components, dioxins, and mercury. Moreover, the carbons used in different layers can be impregnated with substances capable of expanding the spectrum of interaction with the main pollutants typical of the cremation process.