Emergency Containerized Cremation Systems

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have long been noted for our ability to design and engineer rapid response solutions to all manner of emergency...


Emergency Containerised Cremation Systems from Matthews Environmental Solutions help to provide much-needed continuity to the bereavement services industry.

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have long been noted for our ability to design and engineer rapid response solutions to all manner of unpredicted emergency scenarios. The impact and challenges created by the current Global COVID-19 pandemic have made it not simply another unpredicted challenge, but arguably a once in a generation crisis, one which has hit every corner of the Globe and one which impacts every part of our lives in some way.

Businesses around the world have been hit with a long line of challenges and whilst these must not be belittled, there are a small number of industries where the challenges go beyond the ability to generate revenue, and remain operational, the bereavement services industry is one such example. With rises in death rates, our capacity to continue to care for our deceased with dignity and respect is a vital service to society. Media reports circulating, making reference to the need for mass graves, delays in providing cremations, and other such extreme measures no doubt cause alarm and undue upset amongst society hence the need for a robust emergency continuity plan is greater than ever.

Emergency Containerized Cremation System

Earlier in the year, Matthews Environmental Solutions rose to the challenge when asked to provide much-needed support to emergency continuity plans at several crematoria in the country. The solution was realized in the form of an emergency containerized cremation system rapidly designed and developed in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances, with the vast majority of the team working from home and procurement teams faced with the challenge of key suppliers working at reduced capacity.

As you would expect from any Matthews cremator, the new containerized human cremators are designed and engineered to the highest possible standards in order to guarantee the most reliable performance.  At the same time, despite being an emergency containerized cremation solution they can still efficiently cremate even bariatric coffins and include a simple to operate Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system together with an efficient, user-friendly touch screen.

The cremators are designed for swift and simple deployment being fully integrated into a specially modified 40’ ISO container. The cremators can be fuelled by natural gas, LPG or diesel and on delivery can be easily connected to local fuel and electricity supplies. Or, as it can be difficult to find a suitable location for the system, they can be supplied with a diesel tank and electrical generator thus becoming a fully self-contained and complete solution. Further, as this is, without doubt, an incredibly sensitive situation, Matthews can work closely with the client to assist in making the installation of this emergency solution as discreet and respectful as possible.

Due to the emergency purpose of this solution, the cremators can be made available utilizing several financial models including regular outright purchase, lease, and lease-to-buy options.

As the year passed us by it appeared that control measures taken were effective in controlling the virus. However, as more aspects of life have returned to some sort of normality, we see infection rates rising once again. Meanwhile, the winter period draws closer, and our ability to continue to guarantee a respectful and efficient cremation service across the country is yet again under threat. We can’t predict how this once-in-a-generation challenge will develop, however, what can be predicted is that Matthews Environmental Solutions are always on hand to provide solutions.