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This year has been filled with unprecedented challenges and rippled change throughout our world and industry. One thing that hasn't changed is the need for continuing education and understanding of crematory operation; from best practicing to state regulations and disease management.  Our goal is to always provide our members with the best in continuing education while partnering with the best. 

We are proud to partner with Matthews Environmental, the global leader in cremation technology, to bring a new kind of continuing education that brings the same experts, but with the safety and convenience of connecting through a computer screen.

Online Learning with a Personal Touch

This Crematory Operator Certification will be hosted via webinar with a live moderator to answer participants' questions in real-time, and offer a digital certification exam immediately afterward. This course abides by state guidelines for continuing education credit and operator certification.

Local Content for Real Relevance

This course is tailored specifically to Texas, including a section of local laws and regulations presented by TCCA’s own Jim Kennerly! 

Please note since individual email addresses are needed for testing.
Each participant must register individually.


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