One Phone Call. One Order.
One Simple Supply Solution.

In the Age of Subscriptions for everything from razor blades to organic meat, why not crematory supplies?  Forget placing monthly supply orders, lock in your pricing for a year.  The Matthews Burn Box, the industry’s first automatic crematory supply program. Your rollers, ID disks, TCC’sand mailers just automatically arrive at your door, right when you need them.

What's included:

  • Temporary Cremation Containers
  • Cardboard Cremation Rollers
  • Bags & Ties
  • Mailers
  • ID Disks
Burn-Box Cremation Supply Subscription

You've probably already seen it. Supply chains are still dealing with COVID-related challenges. Material costs are rising dramatically while availability is decreasing.

Effective June 1st, 2021, the price of Temporary Cremation Containers will increase, due to supplier material increases.

You've got a way around this price increase with Our Burn Box subscription service offers a locked-in price, helping you protect your bottom line and avoid the impending price increase.