Advanced Modular Processor

Fast, Easy Metal Recovery

Save time, increase security, and improve your metals recovery at the same time, with components from Matthews new Advanced Modular Processing System. Combine automatic separation of small metals with advanced dust control - all in one streamlined system.

  • Automatic separation of small metals
  • High-efficiency filter system with no external vent required
  • Processing time 4-7 minutes/case
  • Touchscreen automated controls
  • Dust-controlled urn filling workstation

The Advanced Modular Processing System (AMP) saves labor on every case and gives operators back the time they spent retrieving small metal fragments from the remains. Because it automatically sorts and recovers those metals, operators can move on faster, freeing time for other duties.

Keeps Dust Under Control

The system includes a powerful air handler with a 2-stage high-efficiency filter system to capture dust. The handler filters 1200 cu. ft of air every minute to keep dust under control. Because the process happens inside the closed cabinet, the ARP-65 helps keep your crematory clean and your operators safe. The air handler maintains negative air pressure within the unit, ensuring that no dust escapes while the unit is running.


Auto Recovery Processor - ARP-65
Dust Control Workstation - DCW-65

  • Overall Weight: 1120 lbs.
  • Overall Height: 65" 
  • Overall Width: 76"
  • Overall Depth: 34" 
  • Electrical: 220 VAC Single Phase 60Hz
  • Air Filtration: 2 inline MERV-13 air filters
    Air suction from processing and workstation
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