When your equipment and supporting materials reach the site, our project management teams can work with local partners and contractors on the installation.  Depending on the scope of service you choose, we can coordinate every step in the process, including:  

  • Unloading and uncrating components
  • Specifying and organizing utility connections
  • Moving components into the facility, including coordination of cranes or other rigging
  • Connecting and testing utilities, including both electrical and fuel
  • Installing and connecting emission abatement systems
  • Installing exterior exhaust stacks
  • Connecting and testing control and monitoring systems

Once the equipment is installed and connected, we work with you and your team to make sure you're ready to operate.  This includes inspecting and testing every element in the plant, plus all of the supporting utilities. We also work with you to train the necessary personnel to operate and maintain each system 

Finally, we work with you to secure any necessary regulatory inspections and certificates.  Our goal is to ensure that your plant is legally and operationally ready to function.  

How to Get Started

If you have a project in the planning stages, it's easy to connect with one of our engineering and design specialists.  Use this page to tell us a little about your project and we can schedule a meeting right away.


Our expertise lies in the production of bespoke or custom designs, from the most basic individual incineration system, right to large-scale turnkey engineered plants.  Our ability to design and engineer equipment to suit our client’s exacting standards and requirements has led to the manufacture of many unique facilities and installations in remote and often difficult locations, with extremes from the ice caps of the South Pole to hotter climates, such as the South Pacific.
Large Bespoke Waste Incineration and Abatement Plant in MAKKAH