Mass Pet Crematory comes to Poland

Matthews is excited to announce the delivery of our latest customized mass pet cremator – a first for the Polish market. Our clients operate in various markets around the world and require bespoke waste solutions to maximize their success. Matthews has a long tradition of responding to a client's unique requirements by designing -superior products that integrate with their specific business needs.

Our mass pet cremator is a behemoth multi-chamber cremator with a load capacity of 1,000 kilograms. This environmentally friendly cremator has dedicated chambers to perform both bulk and individual cremations regulating the energy required for both processes.

The Design

A key requirement for all cremators is the reliability of the cremation chambers and the ability to maximize the load space. We achieved this by installing a heavy robust steel casing horizontally, providing ample space for high-volume pet cases A manual hinged door provides easy access and control for loading pets. This chamber is refractory-lined and sits on a horizontal hearth.

Multi Chamber Pet Cremator

With the increase of private pet cremations, the client also expressed the need for performing individual cremations in the same system. We integrated two medium-sized chambers placed side by side in our overall build to provide an all-in-one cremator for their business needs.

The cremator is ergonomically designed with temperature gauges on each chamber and fitted with remote connectivity to allow for periodic testing and continuous monitoring. The cremator is also a hot-hearth unit and uses dedicated gas burners for each chamber to increase efficiency.

 Proven Performance

 Our approach to the incineration process centers around efficiency. The more efficiently the cremator runs the greater the operational efficiency for our clients. Our team ensures that components have been put together to ensure that the science behind combustion works seamlessly to create a superior product.

 The cremator chambers are lined with refractory material including the chimneys to ensure that every time the cremator is fired, the temperature is increased dramatically to save the client on energy costs. Dedicated burners make sure that only the energy that is required is used. The strategic placement of the primary combustion on the incandescent hot hearth is also meant to increase the temperature within the chamber faster.

 The Environmental Impact

 The cremator is supported by our proprietary Surefire® technology, a world leader in waste management for incinerators. Surefire® incinerators have been designed to ensure strict adherence to multiple global environmental standards and comply specifically with the UK Clean Air Act 1999 and the 1987 EU Animal Byproducts Regulations for our client.

Giving the Extra Burn

 An important requirement of all our clients is the safety of their employees when operating the cremators. Apart from providing training on the safety hazards of the machine, the signs and operational language were adapted to the local dialect.