After 10 years and nearly 3 million cremations, the MPYRE® system is getting even better. MPYRE® 3 gives you great new tools to boost productivity, safety and sustainability in your cremator

SIMPLE UP FRONT — Because it’s Powerful Behind the Scenes

The simple, cremation-tracker home screen tells operators everything they need to know, while MPYRE’s advanced environmental logic handles the rest.  The result is more productivity with less training.   

It lets operators focus on what really counts — getting  
cremations done. While MPYRE® automatically delivers faster, safer, greener results for your business.
Si tiene un proyecto en las etapas de planificación, es fácil conectarse con uno de nuestros especialistas en ingeniería y diseño. Use esta página para contarnos un poco sobre su proyecto y podemos programar una reunión de inmediato.


...Your Cremator Will Call You If It Needs You

With the MPYRE 3 mobile app, your cremator will let you do more with your time. You can  focus on other parts of your business, because the app keeps you connected.


The other way that MPYRE 3 helps you is by notifying you when you’re ready for the next step in the process.  It’s easier to work around distrac-tions because your cremator reminds you when key steps are complete.  You’ll get more done, save fuel and lower your emissions, too.


Different Priorities for Different Days

MPYRE® 3 is smart enough to work the way that you do, with three operating modes, tailored to what you need:
Keeps fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions as low as possible, but still gives you great productivity.
When you need maximum speed and throughput, this lets you run faster and get more work done in less time.
A perfect solution for slow days or special situations – you can load the body into a cool machine and start the process from there. The system automatically preheats, starts the cremation and cools down. It’s a safer option for witness cremations and large bodies, as well.

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