Incinérateurs à foyer fixe

These daily waste incinerators represent a simple yet cost-effective solution for the disposal of bulk and or batch loads of medical, general, and pathological waste. They are available in capacities from 25 kg/hr up to 400 kg/hour. Even higher capacities are easily possible, but generally require a custom-tailored solution with automatic loading and ash-removal components.

  • Remote communities
  • Islands
  • Airports and shipping terminals
  • Man camps
  • Workshops
  • Farms
  • Military
  • Hospitals

To ensure the unit's effective destruction of the combustion products, we incorporate a high-capacity thermal oxidizing secondary combustion chamber.  Depending on the needs of the project and the site, the secondary chamber can be designed to operate with a minimum gas residence period ranging from 0.5 seconds to a full 2 seconds at a minimum of 850˚C (1562˚F).

Many models can be configured with a full range of charging options, including:

  • Ram feed systems
  • Automatic bin lift and tipping systems
  • Fluid injection systems