Case Study: Animal Remains Incineration Project


Thermo EK Energia – a large meat-processing plant in Chrzanów, Poland.


This regional meat processing plant produces approximately 150,000 kg/year of animal remains, operating year-round. The owners needed to dispose of the waste and recover as much energy as possible from the process. Moreover, the entire operation needed to comply with the stringent environmental requirements of the European Waste Incineration Directive.


The Matthews team custom designed, built and installed a gas-fired rotary incinerator plant with a capacity of 700kg/hour in continuous 24/7 operation. The plant also included an energy recovery system which converted waste heat into steam. That system produced approximately 3000 kg/hour of saturated steam which was exported back into the processing plant. The process reduces the mass of the waste by 95-96% and leaves a white, calcined ash with less than 3% carbon. This ash was also recovered and sold for soil remediation.

To comply with the European WID, the plant also incorporated a full exhaust gas abatement system, including continuous emission monitoring.


€2.45 Million


  • Crusher and conveyors
  • Bin handling systems
  • Ram handling systems
  • Rotary Primary Combustion Chamber*
  • Gas Ignition Burner*
  • Combustion Air System*
  • Veritcal Secondary Chamber*
  • Gas Secondary Burner*
  • Automatic Ash Conveyor*
  • Wet Transfer Conveyor*
  • Cool gas transfer ducts
  • Emergency Bypass System*
  • Set of hot gas transfer duct
  • Emergency Water Spray*
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Remotely monitored control systems
  • Exhaust chimneys
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission testing

The installation included all the combustion air ductwork, gas pipework, hydraulic pipework, pneumatic pipework, steam pipework and water pipework