Incinerator Equipment Types

We offer a range of incinerators suited for virtually any waste type,
plus custom design for special applications.
Select a category below for more details.

Fixed Hearth Incinerators

Simple, reliable designs for efficient handling of general, medical or pathological waste.

Hot Hearth Incinerators

An ideal solution to control fluids during incineration, particularly when disposing of animal carcasses.

Stepped Hearth Incinerators

Ideal for continuous, 24/7 disposal of general and medical waste.

Rotary Incinerator TN

Rotary Incinerators

Specially designed for continuous, 24-hour operation with all types of waste.

Containerized and Mobile Incinerators

Mobile Surefire® incineration systems offer rapid deployment, secure operation and extremely efficient use of space.  They are used at military bases, work camps, livestock facilities, airport authorities, isolated islands and polar bases worldwide.