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Military Camps

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militaryfullMilitary deployments need to be portable, self-contained and self-sufficient.  Today they must also - to an increasing degree - be environmentally sustainable.  Not only is there a wide variety of waste types generated, there is also a need to supply energy to support the operation with minimal environmental impact.

Surefire incinerators from Todaysure Matthews can meet those disposal needs, and recycle waste heat into productive energy.  We offer a range of transportable incinerators and energy recovery systems that can meet the needs of both small and large deployments.

View our range of incinerators

  • British Army Unit

    British Army Unit

  • Containerised Unit

    Containerised Unit

  • Containerised


  • Royal Dutch Army

    Royal Dutch Army

  • Skid Mounted-Batch Load

    Skid Mounted-Batch Load