Maximum combustion efficiency on a continuous basis

Rotary incinerators are generally specified when there are large quantities of difficult to handle wastes, such as medical and general waste, animal remains, or indeed any high-moisture wastes including sludges, pastes and sewage. Generally speaking rotary incinerators are specified for large-scale waste disposal requirements. They are particularly suited for continuous uninterrupted operation with throughput capacities that can range from 100kg/hour up to 4000kg/hr. Rotary incinerators are ideal for continuous 24/7 service and will operate with non-stop efficiency and with the minimum of supervisory support.

Waste materials of this type, with a large liquid content, are especially difficult to deal with efficiently in a conventional static incinerator chamber because the heavy, moisture-laden load will tend to slump into a solid cake on the floor of the chamber. This dictates that it will be almost impossible to incinerate effectively. As a result it leaves a mass of only partially combusted waste that has to be laboriously removed and disposed of.

By contrast a rotary incinerator has a continuously rotating chamber that constantly lifts and tumbles the waste content. This perpetual movement ensures that there is no possible risk of solidification. In addition the tumbling and separating action also creates a greater surface area, while hot air is constantly forced through the waste material to accelerate the destruction process thereby ensuring maximum combustion efficiency and high quality ash.

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