Use your waste disposal process to produce free energy


With constantly rising energy costs and increasing pressure to minimize the environmental impact of energy production, it makes perfect sense to investigate any viable means of exploiting existing resources.

One of the ways we can help companies to achieve these goals is to utilize the heat generated by their waste incineration process in order to provide valuable alternative energy forms that can be subsequently employed within other areas of the business

Quite simply when you incinerate waste materials you generate a great deal of heat. Therefore it makes sound business sense to harness this paid-for commodity and convert it into useful second-generation energy sources such as steam, hot water, hot air or even electricity. These can then subsequently be used either to heat your buildings or become an essential part of a production process.

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have for many years been at the forefront of energy recovery technology and we can advise and assist our customers to capitalize on this valuable resource. We not only help to reduce energy costs, but very often also improve process efficiencies and provide numerous benefits both to productivity and the working environment.

As part of our energy recovery systems expertise we are able to help customers generate:

Hot Water
Hot Air

In many instances we can also assist customers to use the latent power of their incineration process to generate Electricity. This can subsequently be used as an on-site power source and/or as a profitable commodity to be sold to an off-site energy distributor.

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