Case Studies

Incinerators for UK Battlefield Support Project

Incinerators for UK Battlefield Support Project 

British Army Unit

QinetiQ – Modular EU Compliant Incineration Package

TodaySure™ were commissioned to construct an Integrated Battlefield Support System Incinerator as part of a Ministry of Defence funded research programme, to demonstrate that waste management can be achieved in a responsible way, compliant with challenging environmental standards.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the EU Waste Incineration Directive, the combustion chambers, heat recovery system, flue gas abatement plant and the ancillary equipment, such as the emission monitoring equipment, were constructed into six standard 20′ ISO shipping interfaced containers, to enable deployment to a battlefield or temporary accommodation camp.

The plant processed the solid waste generated by the camp, which is normally sent to landfill. Waste heat from the process was converted to low pressure hot water, which was exported to the wash rooms, kitchens and laundries and for heating the camp accommodation.