Case Studies

UK Abattoir – Rotary Incinerator


To optimise the plant’s performance and to enable waste to be processed and stored, irrespective of the status of the combustion plant, the waste is crushed into 50mm cubes. The material is then conveyed into a buffer hopper, which stores sufficient material to enable the plant to be left unattended for 12 hours.

Upon the demands of the incinerator, the waste is transferred from the storage hopper into a pump, which delivers the crushed waste virtually continuously into the primary combustion chamber.

Within the primary combustion chamber, which consists of an inclined slowly indexing drum, the waste is ignited and oxidised. Progressive revolutions of the drum, spills the waste along the fire bed ensuring the waste is reduced to a very high quality ash, which after residing in the incinerator for several hours is automatically discharged.

This automated system is extremely fuel efficient, requiring up to 70% less fuel than a conventional fixed hearth incinerator.