We can fully customize the specifications to match your needs

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of industry-leading options that enable you to customize your preferred incinerator with all the features and facilities you require to ensure that it meets your needs exactly.

The best method of enabling us to tailor your customized configuration is to contact us and let’s discuss your requirements. Here are a few ideas of the type of technology we are able to incorporate into your specification.

Auto Loading

Generally speaking we advise auto loading for larger incineration operations over and above 200kg/hr. Manual loading with any higher capacity will prove to be very challenging. There are occasions however when we can and do fit ram loaders and bin tippers to smaller units such as the SF100 or even a SF50. This is usually because our customer has requested it to enhance operative safety and biosecurity – especially if the load includes animal remains.

Bin Tippers, Elevators and Container Handling

Waste is stored and transported to the incinerator in wheeled bins or containers. The loading process can also include a choice of tipping mechanism to suit the type and volume of waste anticipated. All loading procedures are fully protected by the most stringent safety precautions in order to eliminate handling risks and safeguard operatives.

Ram Loaders

With operator and environmental safety firmly in mind our ram loader technology incorporates a hydraulically driven loading operation that powers the waste into the incinerator chamber via an interlocked safety door. The primary chamber is always sealed to fully protect the operator and prevent the ingress of uncontrolled air into the chamber. Operation is controlled via direct instructions from the integrated system and as the ram withdraws the charge door is automatically closed and sealed.

Crushers, Shredders and Conveyors

For dense waste matter such as timber, pre-treatment crushing is advised. This not only enables larger quantities to be efficiently processed before conveyance to the hopper but it also dramatically increases the surface area to boost combustion efficiency.

Likewise, shredders are often specified for animal carcass incinerators. Bulky content such as whole cow carcasses will not always fit into an incinerator chamber. Equally importantly, they can be extremely difficult to load and could be over-sized for the burn rate. Shredding makes handling easier and massively increases the surface area of the waste to improve combustion efficiency. For larger throughput it is also possible to store shredded waste prior to incineration. Crushed and shredded waste is automatically transferred from the hopper into the primary chamber.

Liquids and Sludge Feed Systems

Before they can be effectively incinerated liquid wastes need to be atomized within the combustion chamber. This is achieved by pre-heating the liquid in a holding tank before it is pumped under pressure into the incinerator via a stainless steel alloy injection lance.

Auto De-Ashing

Designed for continuous 24-hour operation or other high periods of waste combustion, our range of automated de-ashing processes reduces the need for labor-intensive manual chamber clearance. The benefit of this process is that it substantially increases incinerator productivity by eliminating the need to shut down for ash removal and we normally advise auto de-ashing for any capacity above 350kg/hr.

Ash Bin

Designed for use within stepped hearth incinerators, a hydraulic ram is employed to propel waste through the combustion process until it reaches the hot ash stage. At this point it will be forced into the ash vestibule sealed by a gravity closed ash release door. After being subject to blasts of cooled air the ash is then automatically released into a wheeled ash container for disposal.

Wet Bath Ash Conveyor

Following completion of the combustion process hot ash is discharged via a hydraulically operated ash release gate into a water bath. This not only cools the ash but also prevents wind dispersion. A continuous chain conveyor then scoops up the wet ash for transfer to a separate transportable ash bin.

Mobile Incinerator Units

Mobile incinerators greatly simplify transport to remote or difficult to access sites. They also allow users to move the unit from one location to another. Mobile incinerator units include:

Trailer Mounted

Smaller incinerators can be fitted onto a purpose-designed trailer for easy transportation between locations. This arrangement is also much appreciated by shared-use arrangements and for emergencies and disaster relief operations. Trailer mounted units are generally fully self-contained with a generator, fuel tank and hinged chimney enabling it to be operational within minutes.

Skid Mounted

For larger incinerators skid mounting is an ideal arrangement where the unit has to be frequently re-located. Like the trailer mounted units these are fully self-contained with fuel tank or generator built into a heavy steel structure that incorporates lifting points. These units are often specified for temporary locations such as work camps on pipelines etc.


Pre-installed inside an ISO 6346 certified shipping container these incinerators simplify both shipping and forward transportation operations. Because they are fully self-contained with chimney, fuel and power connections, lighting, ventilation, fire extinguishers etc they can be readied for operation within a matter of minutes of arriving on site. Further customization can also include a choice of power sources along with energy recovery systems and flue abatement plant.

Fuel Systems

Dependent on their destination we can design and manufacture any of our incinerators with the fuel specifications to match the environmental limitations and prevailing circumstances.

Options include:

• Connection to mains electricity or gas services
• On-site electrical generators fueled by portable gas or diesel
• Diesel fuels
• Direct to portable gas supply

Tailored specifications can include all necessary fuel tanks and generators or power connections.

Electrical Generators

Where they are destined for outlying or remote locations our smaller waste incinerators are often specified for use with a portable electrical generator. Dependent on preferences we can manufacture the generators to be powered either by gas or diesel. If you require it we can supply stand-alone generators or can include a factory-fitted, built-in power supply ready for immediate use on arrival at site.

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Contact us for further information about any of our incinerator options.

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