Magnetic Tool Hanger

ToolHanger Landing

Organization and Safety Redefined 

Enjoy space-saving functality and organization with the Matthews Magnetic Tool Hanger, keeping all your essentials within arm's reach without cluttering your crematory floor. Keep your operator safe with this hanger, specifically built to withstand the high-temperatures and harsh conditions of your crematory. 

  • Built-tough to withstand the harsh conditions of your crematory
  • No installation or modifications needed, simply, place the hangers in position and you're all set
  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter from your crematory floor and keep all your essential tools close by and ready to use
  • Powerful high-temperature magnets are specifically engineered to withstand the anything your crematory can dish out

SP3 with hangar and tools all colors HR

Need Even More Space-Saving Organization?

Make receiving cases faster and easier with the Matthews Mobile Receiving Station. Cremation containers, forms and supplies are clean, dry and organized whenever and wherever you need them.

mrs 41061140

    • Easy to customize with optional shelves, baskets and hooks
    • Upright container storage saves valuable floor space
    • Tough, all-steel construction with a  600lb. capacity
    • Fold-up table for assembling containers and paperwork