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Meet Our Bigger, Better Service Department

How do we make the industry's biggest service team even better than ever? With new regional hubs, expanded training and more.


The industry's most capable service team is growing again. The major improvements we started in 2019 are continuing, with new resources and capabilities coming online every quarter.

Regional Service Centers

One of the biggest changes in our service operation is the opening of new regional service centers. Four centers have been added so far, located in Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando, and Portland, OR. Each service center acts as a home base for one of our regional service teams, so technicians can spend less time traveling and more time at our customers' sites. The centers also let us stage vehicles, tools, and supplies in each region, reducing both cost and down-time for our service teams.

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The Industry's Best Leadership Team

Another key ingredient in our service transformation is a revamped leadership team that brings together amazing experience from both inside and outside the industry. Starting at the top with Division Service Manager Bryan Defibaugh, the team brings decades of experience in combustion systems, along with outside experience in everything from commercial buildings to nuclear submarines. 

Expanded Training

To ensure that our bigger, better service team stays on top of their game, Matthews has added a major expansion of our technical training program. For new technicians, the 6-month program combines classroom training and fieldwork with veteran techs to make sure every tech is well prepared for the surprises that take place at customer sites.

The training program is led by training manager Willis Pritchett, a 15 year Matthews veteran. Billy's experience includes both fieldwork at customer sites and management roles in our Apopka FL manufacturing plant. He brings an encyclopedic knowledge of what it takes to build our machines and keep them running. 

Bigger, Better Tech Team

The final ingredient in the transformation of our service department is a much-expanded team of field service technicians. From 15 technicians in 2019, we've grown to 24 technicians today, with plans underway to expand to more than 30. These technicians come to Matthews from a wide range of service environments, ranging from commercial masonry installations to weapons systems in the military. They all share one common emphasis, thought - a commitment to giving our customers a truly outstanding service experience, wherever they're located.