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 One million cremations and counting.

That’s seven figures on a total of seven continents. And that officially makes Mpyre® from Matthews Environmental Solutions the hottest name in cremation. Customers using our Mpyre® system recently performed their one-millionth cremation, giving Matthews more cremation knowledge than you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

A million reasons to choose Mpyre®.

Our automated Mpyre® control system sets the industry standard for cremation technology, reliability, environmental performance and support from the most professional team in the industry. Cremators with the Mpyre® system have an Instant Support button that lets users connect with Matthews cremation techs for live remote support. In the last 12 months, Mpyre® support techs have logged into customers’ cremators more than 32,000 times to solve problems or help with difficult cases. Rest assured, there isn’t a situation we haven’t faced or a challenge we haven’t overcome for our clients.

Join in the Celebration.

More than one million Mpyre® cases officially makes us the Hottest Team in Cremation, and want you to be a part of it.  Enjoy special celebration savings with your choice of FREE accessory, with the purchase of a new cremator. 


Choose from the list below for your free accessory.

Just a few restrictions apply.  Click here for full terms and conditions. 



  1. Electric Cremains Processor, ECP-200
  2. Ventless Processing Station, VPS-1
  3. Polar Pak Cooler
  4. Mobile Receiving Station
  5. Hydraulic Lift Table