Case Studies

High-Efficiency Cremator in Jonkoping, Sweden


Matthews built and installed a high-efficiency cremator system in Jonkoping with a complete flue gas cleaning system. Featuring a 1.1m front door, rear-side ash discharge, an integrated ash cooling system, and an automatic coffin loader, this cremator is capable of 24-hour operation, and is used for 3-4 cremations daily. The heater circuit is connected to the district heating network, and the facility is in compliance with all relevant European environmental regulations.

Location Sweden – Stockholm-Woodland Cemetery listed as UNESCO World Heritage site
N° plants 4 cremation plants with 4 independent flue gas cleaning systems
Installation year 2012
Cremations/day 6-7 /each CRM
Cremator type

CRM 6r

High performance cremator   =   h24 working process

Front door opening = 1100mm

Ash discharge = rear-side

Integrated ash cooling system

Automatic coffin insertion system with lifting truck

Flue gas cleaning with reagent injection system

Water circuit for heating and cooling building

Unique booster solution for flue gas chimney 250 meters away from crematory building
Emissions In compliance with the european standards and regulations in force in the country of installation.


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