ISO 9001 Certification


We're Proud to be a ISO 9001 Certified Company

For nearly 70 years, Matthews has held the reputation as the global leader in cremation and incineration technology, setting industry standards for efficiency and quality.This same high-standard is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization, granting Matthews an ISO 9001 (2008) certification. The ISO 9001 certification identies specific companies that meet or exceed these  their rigorous set of quality assurance standards. Matthews is now part of that elite team. 


This certification goes beyond another accolade to Matthews name, but more importantly, it means our customers worldwide will receive the highest degree of quality when purchasing a Matthews manufactured cremator or incinerator. We believe that that a cremator or incinerator should last more than 20 years, which is why we sacrifice nothing in design, material or manufacturing to ensure we consistently deliver on that promise.