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With over 70 years of experience and nearly 5000 installations on seven continents, Matthews is the global leader in cremation technology and 24/7 service. Our line of fuel-saving, fully automatic cremators sets industry standards for efficiency, business-building productivity and environmental protection. And, as if that weren’t incentive enough to hit all your hot buttons, right now we’re offering even more. 

If you're a crematory owner (or thinking about becoming one) take a look at how Matthews can help build your bottom line:

Fully Automatic Operation - with our Mpyre system there's no need for timers and switches. Just answer 4 questions about the case and we'll do the rest.

24/7 Instant Support - on our new cremators support is just a click away, any time you need it. Whether you have a question or just want an experienced operator to help you with a challenging case, Matthews has your back.

Ultra-Conservative with Fuel - a recent survey showed a national average of 36.4 therms per case. Matthews Mpyre units used 32% less fuel on average — just 24.6 therms per case.

Super-Progressive for Productivity - nobody makes the most of your time like Matthews. Our units offer world-class speed, plus automatic operation that lets you do more with your day — you can even pre-heat from home while you enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

Worry Free Crematory Maintenance - only Matthews offers VIP Care, our all-inclusive fixed-cost maintenance program. For a low cost per cremation Matthews will take care of everything - adjustments, repairs, preventive maintenance, and even your operating supplies. You'll never have to worry about a budget deficit with VIP Care.