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 Grow Your Business with Matthew’s S-18-P2X Expandable Pet Cremation System

Our revolutionary cremation concept allows you to expand your capacity as your business grows, affordably. The two-chamber cremator base unit intro price is $99,500 with additional add-on single-chamber packs at $27,500. This innovative and proven technology streamlines back-of-house processes delivering bottom-line results. And the Therm-Tec P2X offers quick, simple, and fast installation with a single stack through the roof

  • Revolutionary expandable cremator that grows with your business
  • Allows you to affordably scale and capture the rapidly growing private pet cremation market
  • Standard configuration includes manual swing doors, but a hyddraulic door upgrade is available
  • Options of adding automatic hydraulic doors on the base unit and the additional chambers
  • The PLC-based control system automatically adjusts to accommodate additional chambers
  • Installation is faster and simpler, with just a single, one time only, stack extending through the building roof