Case Studies

Equine Cremation and Euthanasia Specialist


The Client

G. W. Lord of Lincolnshire, UK, equine euthanasia and cremation specialists since 1920

The Challenge

In addition to the hourly throughput requirements, G. W. Lord's bespoke incineration solution needed to comply with the Secretary of State's Guidance Note for the incineration of under 10 tons of animal waste per day, as well as the EU's Waste Incineration Directive. The client additionally required the capacity for 24-hour operation, as well as waste crushing and bunkering.

The Matthews Solution

Matthews designed a unique animal incineration solution — complete with crushing, bunkering, and feed systems — to enhance the client's capacity, and reduce their reliance on rendering. The system is capable of 400 kg/hr, 24/7 operation, and was custom designed, built, installed and tested by Matthews to match G. W. Lord's specifications.

Scope of Contract

  • Whole carcass animal crusher
  • Transfer conveyor
  • Bunkering system
  • Waste pump delivery system
  • 1-off Rotary primary combustion chamber
  • 1-off oil fired ignition burner
  • 1-off combustion air system
  • 1-off Vertical secondary chamber
  • 1-off oil fired secondary burner
  • 1-off storage bunker/shredder
  • 1-off Emergency bypass system
  • 1-off Set of Hot gas transfer duct
  • 1-off Flue gas continuous monitoring systems
  • 1-off Exhaust chimney
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Emission Testing
  • 1