Bi-Partisan Savings On A New Cremator


Now that the campaign season is finally behind us, we know you're dying to concentrate on what's truly important — making cremation great again. And Matthews has just the tools you need: our high-tech line of cremators that are ultra-conservative with fuel and labor but super progressive when it comes to productivity.

If you're a crematory owner (or thinking about becoming one) take a look at how Matthews can help build your bottom line:

Fully Automatic Operation - with our Mpyre system there's no need for timers and switches. Just answer 4 questions about the case and we'll do the rest.

24/7 Instant Support - on our new cremators support is just a click away, any time you need it. Whether you have a question or just want an experienced operator to help you with a challenging case, Matthews has your back.

Ultra-Conservative with Fuel - a recent survey showed a national average of 36.4 therms per case. Matthews Mpyre units used 32% less fuel on average — just 24.6 therms per case.

Super-Progressive for Productivity - nobody makes the most of your time like Matthews. Our units offer world-class speed, plus automatic operation that lets you do more with your day — you can even pre-heat from home while you enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

Worry Free Crematory Maintenance - only Matthews offers VIP Care, our all-inclusive fixed-cost maintenance program. For a low cost per cremation Matthews will take care of everything - adjustments, repairs, preventive maintenance, and even your operating supplies. You'll never have to worry about a budget deficit with VIP Care.

Always Start With Matthews - with nearly 5,000 installations worldwide, nobody knows cremation like we do. Whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading your crematory for the future, it only makes sense to start with Matthews.


 PS: All our cremators are proven high performance workhorses that are equally productive in cremating both Democrats and Republicans.