Crematory Leadership Summit


Give us one day of your time and we'll deliver powerful new ideas to make your business more competitive, more profitable and more productive.  It's a day filled with the kind of advanced thinking you expect from the global leader in the cremation business.  

 The Rules of the Game Have Changed 

With the cremation rate over 50% in many markets, it's time to rethink the rules for building a successful cremation business. Learn from the Industry's best about ways you can grow and prepare your business for this new reality. This new continuing education course addresses the challenges that plague current funeral homes in today's ever changing environment. 

See what previous attendees have said.....

  • "This could easily be a multi-day program" Travis F, Pennsylvania 
  • "You guys and your material are worth it... this is important and good material" Jason J, Ohio
  • "All fantastic! Great speakers, good comic relief too" Dagny F, Pennsylvania 


Topics Include: 

  • The New Cremation Business:
    Why Your Strategy Today May Put Your Business At Risk Tomorrow

  • Getting Found: 
    Better Ways to be Seen in a Crowded Digital Marketplace

  • The Cutting Edge of Cremation Facilities: 
    Better Ideas for Productivity, Profitability and Safety

  • Attack of the NIMBY's:
    Ugly Realities in Community Relations and How to Thrive in Spite of Them

  • A Better Chain of Custody:
    Why Customer Confidence Could Become the Key to Competitive Edge

  • Making it Radically Easier to Say 'Yes':
    How Not to Leave Opportunity on the Table in with Families




The faculty for this program includes the minds behind some of the most innovative ideas in this industry.


Steven Schaal- President North America Region, Matthews Enivornmental Solutions

Steve has spend over 20 years in the death care industry. Steve is responsible for Matthews operations for both Human & Animal Cremation Equipment in Orlando, Florida. His career has included helping to develop numerous products and services that are being utilized in today’s funeral environment. Steve’s credentials include the successful rollout of the fractional casket display system –The York Merchandising System™ (YMS), MasterTouch™ Cremation Planning, Faithful Forever™ Pet Loss, Mourning Flowers™ and SecurIDy™ Cremation Tracking System. Steve is an accomplished public speaker (NFDA, CANA, ICFA, CCC and others) and has written/published numerous industry articles on the subject of cremation.


Paul Seyler- President, Competitive Resources, Inc.

Paul has been a self-described 'industry troublemaker' since his introduction to funeral service in the late 1990's.  He has worked with companies at every level of the industry on an alphabet soup of innovations ranging from industry website to the YMS fractional casket system.  His clients have included Aurora Casket, Deaton-Kennedy, National Guardian Life, and Wilbert, along with the Funeral Home, Cremation and Cemetery divisions of Matthews International. At the consumer level, he has also worked with large operators like Gibraltar, Keystone and StoneMor as well as a number of independent funeral homes and cemeteries.  He is a regular on state and national convention agendas.
Robin Heppell

Robin Heppell, CFSP, Principal

Robin combines his expertise in marketing, technology and pre-need, his formal business knowledge and his deep-rooted legacy in the funeral profession so that he can help funeral homes and cemeteries be more competitive, more profitable, and provide the best possible service for the families they serve.

Through his consulting firm, in Victoria, British Columbia, he assists funeral directors and cemeterians throughout North America embrace and incorporate innovative strategies, marketing plans and technologies. This “Funeral Futurist” has over 20 years’ experience in a highly competitive, high cremation (90%) market. He is a fourth generation licensed funeral director and a Certified Celebrant. Heppell is a former faculty member of the Canadian College of Funeral Service, a contributor to Mortuary Management and the Canadian Funeral News, and his own websites include and