Human Memorials

Through the simplicities of our 1-2-3, Reflect, Gather, Memorialize process, you can reduce the confusion families face and the stress they experience from making difficult and unfamiliar decisions at a very emotional time by helping them answer the question of “What are you going to do with your loved one’s remains?” By utilizing this new deposition driven strategy many of our clients have witnessed an increase in revenue and customer satisfaction. Please contact one of our Memorial Arts Representatives for more information and a free on-line demonstration.

human memorial catalog
Our memorial catalog acts as an arrangers guide that you can use to help families discover the wonderful ways they can create a meaningful and appropriate final tribute for their loved one. Please browse our online catalog to see all of the personalized memorials, that can celebrate the life and memory of a lost loved one. Click Here To Browse Our Catalog


Step 1: Reflect. Reflection of a life lived is the first step in remembering, sharing and honoring those we have lost. Take a moment to remember the things that made your loved one special. Let their interests, hobbies and unique personality be the foundation for a meaningful and memorable final tribute.

Step 2: Gather. Planning a gathering with family and friends is an important aspect of sharing memories and providing comfort during a time of loss. Choose a time, place and setting as unique as the individual. Services can be held immediately following a death or at any time thereafter – whether it is a traditional service at a funeral home or house of worship, or a more unique setting such as an outdoor environment or favorite leisure spot. The event can be among only close family and friends, or expand to include a public gathering with music and catering. Step 3: Memorialize. Creating a memorial or lasting tribute is the final element in honoring the one we have loved and lost. Whether it is a traditional monument at a family plot, a niche in a cemetery or a beautiful scattering, a meaningful and permanent memorial can provide peace, comfort and a lasting memory.