Advanced Operator Certification



Why Sit Through The Same Old Continuing Ed Course?

You already have hands-on training and completed hundreds of cremations, so why sit through another basic operator training course? Take your crematory knowledge to the next level with Matthews' Advanced Operator Training. The Advanced Operator Training course is tailored to meet the needs of experienced operators who have already mastered the basics and are looking to expand their crematory operation knowledge. Our experienced instructors will provide you with industry insights and tips to make your crematory safer, more productive, and more fuel efficient. 

Course Content

  1. Ethics and Professionalism in Cremation
    1. Internal processes and policies
    2. Public perceptions and events
  2. Your Business Risk Assessment
    1. Crematory Equipment
    2. Identification Methods
    3. Air Quality
  3. OSHA in the Crematory
    1. Documentation
    2. Implementation
    3. Employee Participation
    4. Monitoring
  4. Advanced Operating Techniques
    1. Design
    2. Controls
    3. Operating Efficiencies
    4. Special cases
  5. Minimizing Pollution
    1. Criteria Pollutants
    2. Smoke and Odor
    3. Noise
    4. Fugitive Dust
  6. Equipment Troubleshooting
    1. Resolving common problems
    2. Maximizing up-time
  7. Documentation
    1. Operating Documents
    2. Chain of Custody
  8. Cremation Liability
    1. Common Problems
    2. Proactive Strategies
    3. Being "60-minutes Ready"
  9. Putting Your Skills To The Test
    1. Real-life situations and Challenges
  10. Evolution of Green Cremation
    1. Evolving Standards
    2. Evolving Technology