BIO Cremation™. Is this the future?


At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have long been among the pioneers of progress when it comes to the science of human cremators. Listed among our many landmark innovations have been significant industry-changing improvements to the design and efficiency of cremation systems. But is there now a new human cremation science emerging that will eventually overtake today’s technology?

Maybe. Maybe not.

In the United States however, Matthews International is collaborating with leading cremation companies in developing BIO Cremation™. Instead of using the current flame-based technology to dispose of human remains, a BIO Cremation™ unit uses a flameless Alkaline Hydrolysis process.

Similar to conventional cremation, the cadaver is placed in a pressurised cremation chamber, but instead of flames, a hydrolysing process is used to rapidly decompose the remains using water, heat and potassium hydroxide.

Reports from the USA say that the end results are identical to direct flame cremation, but of course fuel consumption and thus energy costs are massively reduced, embalming fluids are neutralised and any medical implants can be re-cycled. Importantly, air emissions to the atmosphere are virtually eliminated.

BIO Cremation™ is undoubtedly already happening in America, but will this new human cremation concept come to this country? At the moment the use of BIO Cremation™ for the purpose of human cremation is not permitted, but who knows what the future holds?

What we do know is that if this new cremation process ever becomes authorised here in the UK then Matthews Environmental Solutions will have a major part to play in its development.

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