Growing Business for TML

A steady increase in pressure from environmental groups and governments spells success for Todaysure Matthews Limited.

Todaysure Matthews Limited has an already established lead in the manufacture of waste incinerators that comply with the world’s toughest emissions regulations.

As Europeans we have learned to expect the very best, most up to date and most efficient products as our only option in industry. Unfortunately in some parts of the world this isn’t always the case.

At Todaysure Matthews Limited our ‘Surefire’ waste incinerators are engineered to meet the following regulations:

• EU Waste Incineration Directive


• EU Animal By Products Regulation 1774/2002

• World Bank Emission Standards


• World Health Organisation Emission Standards

• UK Clean Air Act

• British Standards BS3316

Over recent years, we at Todaysure Matthews have witnessed a steady increase in the sales of waste incinerators from work camp based companies in areas being governed by very little or no emission or environmental regulation. Despite this, these companies have chosen protection of their environment as the driving force to combat their waste problems. The introduction of cleaner more efficient waste management practices has now helped spread the word and help educate local governments in the benefits of adopting the responsible option.

It is not just the unrivalled efficiency of our waste disposal products that is helping protect the environment, it is the out of date practices that they are eradicating. Burn-pits and land-fill are sadly still common place in some of the worlds regions. Both these practices are devastating to the environment.

Wild dogs scavenging for remains at a burn-pit on an oil exploration work camp.

A base model Todaysure Matthews – Surefire 150 kg/hr Waste Incineratorr in operation.

“At Todaysure Matthews Limited we pride ourselves on supplying the world’s most robust and efficient ‘Surefire’ waste incinerators that comply with the toughest regulations that exist. We feel a deep sense of pride knowing that the work we are doing is helping to improve the world environment for everyone.”