Kenyan customers welcomed to Hyde

Last week we were delighted to welcome five representatives from a Kenyan Research Centre to our Hyde headquarters when they came to inspect the latest waste incinerator that we had manufactured for them.

Over recent years we have had a number of orders for different types of waste incinerators from our agents, Plenser Limited who are based in Nairobi, and Kenya has become an important market place for us.

This latest order was for a Surefire® TS75 mixed non-hazardous and clinical waste wet scrubber incinerator, which is capable of operating up to ten hours a day with a capacity of 75kg per hour. The people in Kenya are without doubt most conscientious and are actively striving towards cleaner emissions, and we are pleased to say that the new waste incinerator is set to become a vital contributor to this new era of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The incinerator incorporates two chambers – the primary chamber where the waste itself is burned, together with a secondary chamber where the resultant gases are re-incinerated and scrubbed before the clean emissions are finally vented to the atmosphere.

The Kenyan delegates had been visiting sites in Italy before they came to us and we were able to let them closely examine their new incinerator, which had previously been pre-fired and tested by ourselves. We were also able to show them all the documented test results and while they were with us we provided a short training session on the operating procedures. Needless to say they were delighted.

You can read more about Surefire® waste incinerators and there is also a completeProduct Guide together with relevant down-loadable technical information and a gallery of pictures.

For further information about any of our waste incinerators you can call us on 0161 337 4488 or you can always reach us via our Contact Us page.

While they were here in the North West the five Kenyans were hoping to find time to visit some of the region’s attractions … and high on their list was a visit to Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium.

Our engineers will now dissemble the incinerator before carefully packaging it in preparation for freighting it over to Kenya where Plenser’s own engineers will reassemble it before installing it on their customer’s site.