Welcoming the next generation

There have been many reports over recent years of an imminent skills shortage facing British industry. This is the result of a reluctance by many firms to invest in training and apprenticeships for youngsters, as well as inadequate planning to replace today’s experienced artisans as retirement sees numbers gradually dwindling. At Todaysure Matthews however, our policy is to prepare for the future and as one of the UK’s leading incinerator manufacturers we have recruited three new engineering apprentices.

The three young recruits are currently undertaking the first stage of their engineering training on one of the highly respected Stockport Engineering Training Association (SETA) apprenticeship courses. Over the course of this initial six-month foundation they will learn the groundwork and basic skills required to succeed in a career in modern engineering.

That however is only the beginning.

After completing their SETA courses the three apprentices will then return to our own workshops where they will continue their training by shadowing our experienced engineers as they pass on their skills along with the engineering knowledge that they have gathered over careers that span many years.

In addition to workshop based training the young apprentices will also accompany their mentors working on various customer installations around the country. That way they will experience every aspect of the incinerator manufacturing industry and by the completion of their apprenticeships they will have become accomplished in everything from the initial design and manufacturing; to assembly, finishing, testing and quality control; to on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

Two of the apprentices are keen to develop their skills in order to qualify as service and maintenance engineers. One of them on the other hand, is determined to embark on a career as a design engineer mastering the very latest CAD/CAM technology.

As a progressive organisation we know that encouraging the next generation of engineers is vital for our future plans as well as for the future well being of today’s youngsters. We wish all three apprentices every success.

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