A growing market for pet cremators

Although the concept of cremating the remains of pets has been around for well over twenty or thirty years, it is only over recent years that an industry has been developed to satisfy the needs of a growing number of people who wish to recover the ashes of their beloved pet.

Back in the early days of pet cremation the cremators were mainly large, one-chamber incinerators into which the remains of several pets could be disposed of in one firing. Later, as the demand for ashes recovery grew, a system of individual ‘trays’ was devised to try and ensure that the remains of each pet were kept separate. It was quickly recognised though that this system was by no means ideal.

More recently therefore and lead to a large extent by the innovative designs developed by Todaysure Mathews, the new generation of pet cremators are nearly all multi-chamber constructions. Mimicking the standards and procedures of human cremation, this important development means that every pet is individually and separately cremated and that every owner is guaranteed to receive the recovered ashes of their own much loved pet.

From a small number of pet crematoriums 20 years or so ago, today there are over 100 such establishments spread across the UK and of course there are thousands more around the world. Although there are small, privately operated pet crematoriums, most of these are now operated by large organisations, very often driven by groups of veterinary practices.

In order to meet the growing demands, as well as the ever more stringent requirements of today’s environmental and fuel economy driven regulations, the Todaysure Mathews’ designers have become market leading innovators for pet cremators and the pet cremation market.

Today’s range of pet cremators satisfies a broad spread of expectations with a wide range of sizes and models designed to accommodate every size of pet. All the different models are designed for use with natural or LP gas and in a recent exciting development, design innovations have included a custom-designed cremator incorporating two stacked individual pet cremators fuelled by the exhaust gases of an adjacent automatically loaded mass burn unit. A breakthrough that both minimises fuel input and reduces carbon emissions.

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