Living up to our name

Two months ago, back in September, we changed our name from Todaysure Matthews Limited to Matthews Environmental Solutions Limited. In some respects this was in response to Todaysure’s merger with Matthews International, but more importantly everyone felt that our new name, far more accurately reflected our position as an international leader in environmentally sound waste disposal technology.

With increasing global concerns about the harmful environmental effects of poorly managed waste disposal – especially landfill and the indiscriminate dumping and burning of potentially hazardous materials – here at Matthews we have constantly been at the forefront in the development of new and advanced waste incineration techniques and technology.

Principle among our targets has been to minimise any environmental impact that waste disposal and destruction has on the land, the sea and in the atmosphere. As such, our equipment specifications today are designed to meet the most rigorous and stringent of global environmental standards such as the EU Waste Incineration Directive EC76/2000 and the US EPA (Environmental Protection Act) as well as the EU Animal By-products Regulations 1774/2002.

At Matthews Environmental Solutions we have long been recognised as an innovative design pioneer and our Surefire® brand of incinerators and pet cremators are internationally regarded as being amongst the very finest for the destruction and treatment of medical and clinical wastes, general and municipal wastes, pet and animal remains and for the safe, ecologically safe disposal of waste oils and other liquids.

Our Incinerator Options page will provide valuable information on the range and type of incinerator technology that is available, along with the advanced developments that have made Mathews a number one choice for national governments, the military, local authorities, health authorities, leading industrial organisations, scientific institutions and private businesses all round the world.

Matthews Environmental has also lead the way when it comes to energy management and today, as can be seen in our Product Guide, many of our incinerators incorporate the most advanced heat recovery systems that permit the positive re-use of flue gases.

It is yet another example of how the company is now recognised as a beacon for environmental responsibility and efficiency. It is why we are proud to say that we really are‘living up to our name’.

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