We are looking for agents around the world

Matthews Environmental Solutions Limited, part of the Matthews International Group, is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading incinerator technology specialists, with a range of globally acclaimed incinerator options that include leading brand of Surefire Incinerators, Animal Cremators and our NOVUS Human Cremators.

We are based on the outskirts of Manchester in the UK, where we design, manufacture and build our wide range of incinerators and cremators. Outside the UK our range of products are sold, installed, maintained and serviced by a network of agents and we are now looking to expand our coverage in all areas of the world.

Because our incinerator technology is specialised we require companies who can offer a strong engineering and technical skill base. Established business links to industrial and commercial waste disposal, hospital and scientific waste incineration, animal carcass disposal and human cremation, or a history in boiler making or a similar industry would be a valuable advantage.

Although we frequently provide positive sales leads, our agents are responsible for prospecting sales opportunities and providing the appropriate incinerator technology solutions for our customers. Agents work closely with us to ensure that we accurately answer the customer’s needs, either by specifying a unit from our extensive product range of standard incinerator optionshuman cremation or animal cremation technology or with an individually designed and manufactured bespoke incinerator or cremator.

Agents may be responsible for installing and commissioning our incinerators and cremators and could enjoy the follow-on income that comes with regular servicing and maintenance of our equipment.

Proven engineering expertise as well as competency in electronics and control panel technology is equally vital for a successful partnership. Support from our UK headquarters is always available at both pre-sale and after-sales stages.

Although we already have an impressive network of agents we are still looking to expand our representation in many areas of the world, including: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Far East, India, Australasia and the Pacific Rim.

If you would like to discuss these opportunities and believe that your organisation possesses the skills and criteria to form a successful partnership, please Contact Us. You can call us on +44 (0)161 337 4488 or you can send us a message by going to our Contact Us page.